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International Islamic Online Quran Academy
Pak Quran Academy is a worldwide Qur’an education academy. The institute provides the courses at an international level to all the Muslims. We are the best platform for those who don’t have the learning facility in their area. Our aim is to make the Muslims learn the Holy Book in the best possible manner. We teach with the correct pronunciation.

Pak Quran Academy started functioning in 2005 as an online institution for teaching the Quran. It is the leading online Islamic center for those who are interested in the Quran and religious education. We offer Quran learning service in the form of distance courses. We have an extensive syllabus for Islamic studies too. Our unique online learning tools help in teaching every course. Our teaching method is a combination of both traditional and modern methods. We are innovative so we teach online and offer you the best learning experience. We offer the teaching services to the students living in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc under the supervision of highly qualified and talented teachers.

Our Online Academy
We are working as the best Online Quran Academy. We support distance learning and offer the best quality courses for worldwide Muslims. We welcome students of all ages from 4 to 60 years old who are passionate about learning the Koran. Our mission is to spread the knowledge of the Koran at a reasonable fee. Our teachers are striving to enlighten the hearts of Muslims with the knowledge and light of the Book of Allah and Sunnah of the Prophet (saw). Alhamdulillah, we are successful in this mission and we are doing it not only in Pakistan but in many countries of the world. We are very active in our mission.

We are the best Online Quran Center for both adults and children. Our new generation will not only learn Islam but will also develop bonds with religion. Providing online teaching services is necessary for Muslims across the world. We offer easy learning system so that every student can gain compulsory knowledge. The knowledge of the Holy Book is the only knowledge that creates positive effects on life.

Being a Muslim, it is our duty to focus on taking the Koran education because it is the divine source of knowledge. We believe that this Book contains that Holy text which directly comes from Allah Almighty. Muslims can gain intellect and knowledge from the study of the Holy Book.
Our Quran education center is here to help you fulfill your primary obligations. We can assist you in making a strong foundation of Koran knowledge. Choose us for your children so that they can grow to become better Muslims. If you want better lives of your children, you should give priority to their Koran education. Our Islamic Quran Center has the best team of teachers. They are not only knowledgeable but are also skilled at teaching the Koran online.
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