Let It Shine Cleaning

Let Is Shine
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• Vacuum all hair and lint first before introducing any water to the environment.
• Clean mirrors with vinegar/water solution. Wipe window sill and inside window.
• Toilet: Scrub inside bowl and under the lip with brush. Spray exterior with green cleaning solution let sit while cleaning tub. Wipe cleaning product from toilet bowl with diluted cleaning solution and water in bucket. Dry completely.
• Sink: scrub and polish. Spray green cleaning solution around fixtures, use toothbrush at base of faucet and any metal edging and around the drain area to remove any black scum. Rinse and dry completely.
• Bathtub. If there is a surround or tile used for shower, wet completely with bucket full of green cleaning solution. Use plastic brush and solution for any mildew areas. Spray green cleaning solution on fixtures.
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