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Hopewell Staffing
77 E. Jefferson St
Franklin, AL 46131
United States

Monday through Friday, 9-5 est

Hopewell Staffing LLC was founded by husband and wife, Tyler and Cindy Johnson with the singular goal of simplifying the hiring process for companies and job seekers across the US and locally in central Indiana. The direct hire only recruitment strategy at Hopewell Staffing allows a focus on a streamlined strategy making everything from initial negotiation of services to the transition of the onboarding process to the client as simple as possible resulting in a faster higher and greater client / candidate satisfaction.

Cindy has an entrepreneurial spirit and a true passion to help people find the joy in life. What better way to do that than to provide the service of assisting in the job hunt. Cindy believes the ultimate goal should be a work-life balance. There is a middle ground between unemployed and the 80 hour work week. Along with her ownership of Hopewell Staffing, Cindy is an award-winning photographer at two studios in the Indianapolis market and more importantly a loving mother of four children.

Tyler comes with years of experience in the staffing and recruitment advertising industries. He launched his career in the industry at Monster.com in 2005 and has experienced everything from building strategies for massive nationwide military recruitment strategies to bringing in youth volunteers at a non-profit museum. Hopewell Staffing LLC was his dream as he wanted to offer a quick turn direct hire solution for job seekers eliminating or at least reducing time to hire. Tyler is passionate about life and brings that passion to Hopewell Staffing with his willingness to try almost any strategy to make a connection between job seekers and industry.

Hopewell Staffing LLC has a wide variety of clients. Some are as large as 20,000 employees while others are as small as seven. Our staff of recruiters come with the same variety when it comes to industry knowledge. The staff can easily maneuver multiple industries filling positions in logistics, customer service, marketing, engineering or just about anything that is thrown at them.
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