Couples Doing Better | Dr. John "Jack" Crossen

8383 NE Sandy Blvd, Suite 440
Portland, OR 97220
United States

Mon-Fri - 9AM–5PM Sat to Sun -Closed

Dr. John Jack Crossen provides services at Couples Doing Better. We mentioned them below.
Couples Services: Specializes in helping couples increase and sustain loving relationships, and rebuilding the emotional bond of couples in distressed relationships. Dr. John "Jack Crossen offers an array of services: - private therapy, - couples workshops, - assessment & enrichment classes, and - marathon and intensive sessions.

Professional Development: Dr. Crossen is the first Master Gottman Therapy Trainer in the Portland area, and has an extensive history of direct collaboration with The Gottman Institute. He trains and certifies mental health professionals, students, and educators in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.
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