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Getting contact lenses without prescription from offline stores will usually be a daunting task. If you've already tried then you probably know just how difficult it can be to buy contact lenses from a local store without an up to date prescription. But, do not dishearten. Contacts without prescription are now available online. There are a number of online stores from where you can easily order contacts without prescription.

People often ask is it safe to buy contact lenses without a prescription? Is it legal to buy contact lenses online? The answer is, Yes! It is easy as well as legal to purchase Contacts without Prescription from authorized online stores. These authorized online stores offer such a high quality non-prescription lenses that do not cause any harm to your eyes. There are some reputable web portals that take pride in providing their customers with the ease of ordering contacts without prescription online.

The main advantage of getting non-prescription contact lenses online is that it saves you time. Also, people who often dread facing long waiting queues to get the prescription from a local doctor can order contacts without prescription online and get them in a timely manner.

However it is important to note here that people who have serious complications in their eyes should get a proper eye check-up and avail a current lens prescription before buying their contacts online. Given that the eyes are a very delicate organ and having eye problems or vision issues could result in blindness, if left untreated or not take care of seriously.

So, although you can buy contact lenses without prescription, it is always recommended to have a current prescription as you have only one pair of eyes and it’s not a sensible idea to take risks with them. Having a proper prescription becomes even more important if you are looking for contact lenses to correct your vision.
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