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There are many things that cause the soreness to subside, so don't assume that one symptom means another. So how can you prevent the soreness from returning after a workout?

Always Elevate The Legs After A Workout: After a workout, the muscles don't re-grow right away. However, you'need to make sure that your legs are elevated for a while. Make sure you move your legs for at least ten minutes after the workout. Doing this will force the muscles to re-grow faster.

Drink Water: Because there is no sweating and the muscles are relaxing, drinking water is an important part of the post-workout recovery. It helps to hydrate the body and keep the muscles from contracting too much, which can aggravate the soreness. It also allows you to begin to eliminate the toxins that build up after a long day at the gym.

Try To Keep It Simple: By keeping it simple, you'll be able to get it over with faster. You'll want to relax the muscles and allow them to soak up the toxins and repair themselves. This is the best way to keep them strong and limber for the next time you workout.

Reduce Stress: There's no point in building up a huge amount of tension after a workout if the soreness will only last a few days. Be sure to take some time to relax after a workout, eat a healthy snack, and focus on the process of healing rather than the soreness itself.

Exercise With Rest: After a workout, always do some form of stretching to keep the muscles limber. It is a great way to relieve the pain.

Now, the soreness may return when you try to exercise again, but remember that these symptoms are often temporary and will go away within a couple of days. Always give yourself the best chance of keeping the soreness away by simply giving your body a little time to rest and recover.

In general, soreness is nothing to worry about and can usually be avoided through regular post workout recovery. If you don't feel right after your workout, visit your doctor and he or she can help you decide whether you should rest or exercise more.
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