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At NY Car Specials, we like to think that our business and philosophy are intertwined, and are both pretty simple. They can be boiled down to the idea that we believe the customer deserves the absolute best level of service and convenience at all times.
If we serve our NYC customers well and provide them with a top level of service, they will repay us with recommendations, word of mouth, and repeat business. We can keep our customers this happy by continuing to keep on top of every aspect of our business, from the front-end employees that work directly with you to the back-end folks negotiating the top inventory deals in New York that keep you behind the wheel of the best, most affordable auto leasing deals on the road today.

NY Car Specials is known as being far and away superior to the competition across the state of New York because we can continue to present a level of customer service that is virtually unheard of. Our dynamic and innovative virtual inventory system presents the maximum amount of cars that customers can view, learn about, and enjoy, all while from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, this online inventory helps us to keep costs low because we can operate on such a scale that dealers and suppliers are eager to cut better deals with us to guarantee our business – savings which we can then pass on to our NYC customers in the form of elite car leasing specials. Give us a call today, and get in on the ground floor of New York’s premium leasing provider.

NY Car Specials is proud that we can offer deals at such a low cost to our wonderful customers. We can provide leasing specials that our NY competitors can only dream about because of our revolutionary inventory system. We have minimal traditional physical paving parked lots across New York and NYC – the days of balloons and waving inflatable tube men at used car lots no longer have to be a part of your car leasing process. We can provide you with an array of cars ranging from large, safe SUVs to family-friendly station wagons and sedans to nimble sports cars that can keep driving an exciting experience for years to come.
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