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The installation process of Roll Roofing is easiest amongst all. Roll Roofing only consists of a single layer whereas if we talk about other type of roofing then they are consist of minimum three layers. This makes the process of installation of Roll Roofing very different from other types of roofing. There are two ways of installing Roll Roofing. It depends on the type and brand of the Roll Roofing you are using. Roll Roofing can be applied directly or you can say can be rolled down directly on the surface of your roof. Some types of Roll Roofing can't be applied directly and you have to use the adhesive so that the membrane can easily stick to the surface of your roof. If we go on the procedure of installation of Roll Roofing then you have to first attach the edge of the Roll Roofing along with the edge of the roof of your building. The attachment can be performed using the roofing cement. Next is you have to properly clean the roof of your building. You have to check the debris, nails and screws. Flat roofs are usually face the issues of debris. Make sure that before applying the membrane of Roll Roofing any dust and material is not present on the surface of your roofing. You have measure the size of your roofing and according to the size you have to cut the membrane of your Roll Roofing. Roll out the membrane on the surface of your roof and if it requires any adhesive material for fixation then do that as well.
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