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Tulsa, OK
United States


Volunteers in Action is a site designed to connect nonprofits with volunteers and donors. Volunteers provide a service for donors, and the donors pay for that service via a donation to the nonprofit.

VIA serve your favorite charity, build relationships, and add money to the coffers of an organization whose mission benefits the community through VIA’s online fundraising platform.

Community organizations often struggle with raising the money needed to sustain their valuable work. Fundraising for many is the single most unpleasant task associated with serving the community in a volunteer capacity. That need not be the case--not anymore. Enter Volunteers In Action (“VIA”).

VIA provides a user-friendly, community service-based fundraising platform for a variety of groups, large and small. Community-based organizations, schools, and churches are among the groups well-poised to leverage this innovative way to engage supporters and patrons, all the while raising money for important mission work.

VIA offers nonprofits a fun and creative way to bring together donors and volunteers to raise money for the organizations they love and, at the same time, invest in the broader community. By participating in community service projects, volunteers, supported by donors, raise money for causes they support and get the satisfaction of investing their time in ways that make a meaningful, tangible difference.

Fundraising need not be drudgery. Thanks to the VIA online fundraising platform, raising money for cherished organizations just got easier and a whole lot more fun!
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