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Blue Gap, AZ
There are two main factors in the rapid development of China's plastic machinery industry
adhesive interlining, high melting point, good washing resistance, good hand feeling, strong adhesion. Especially suitable for pure polyester or polyester-cotton blended fabric. Generally used for shirt collar interlining.
Hangzhou Shunhao Metalwork Co., Ltd.
Albia, IA
hzaolida.com owns R&D center, product testing base, product manufacturing center, 360-degree new product experience center, customer service center, and a 108-meter-high test tower with the elevator running speed of up to 8.0m/s.
Founded in 2006, the enterprise has established ISO9001 quality system to support the quality guideline: supported by Technology, Meticulously Researching.
Alamosa, CO
A long tradition signifies commitment. The history of IKS SHANGHAI can be traced back to 1956, the company predecessor Shanghai Mechanical Blade Factory was founded.
Ewa Beach, HI
all kinds of grounding rods – such as Copper clad steel grounding rods, Galvanized grounding rods, Stainless steel grounding rods and Electrolytic ion grounding poles (rods).
During the initial set-up stage, TENAU has already had professional elevator and escalator production lines, fully automatic panel production equipment - salvagnini, and employed more than 300 people.
Zhejiang Laifual Harmonic Drive Corporation Ltd. (ZLHD) is a professional company which is engaged in researching designing and production of harmonic reducer,precision gear reducer device.