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Flower Delivery by SaholaFlowers - NYC Wedding & E
106 E 31st St
New York City, NY 10016
United States

Monday - Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday9am–5pm, Saturday10am–4pm

Art is an expression of creativity and imagination. Flowers and art are dramatically interlaced with each other. It is not just putting simple blooms in a vase. It is a balanced and pleasing composition where plant materials and flowers are artistically designed, incorporating form, line, texture, balance, proportion, harmony, color, space and contrast. Some of Floral Art seen today through the eyes of Olga Sahraoui.

At Sahola Flower Fashion Boutique, we draw inspiration from the world of fashion but also art, design, architecture, photography and beyond. Sahola is highly international in its outlook, reflecting the rich and colorful journey Olga has travelled in acquiring her technical skills and unique and daring artistic vision.

Flowers reflect our personalities. They let us say things inexpressible in words. And everyone has their own favorites. Because of the memories they evoke, the atmosphere they create or simply the way they look.

It’s our privilege to be allowed to transform the flowers you love into the perfect arrangement. Whether it’s a dramatic centerpiece to mark a special occasion or an elegant little spray to cheer up a wet Wednesday. We make sure it will be admired by everyone, but capture your unique personality alone.
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