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 Suzhou Winsnoow Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
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Suzhou Winsnoow Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
 Zhejiang Taida Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd.
Antelope, CA
ZHEJIANG TAIDA PIPE INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing seamless butt- welding aluminum-plastic composite piping
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We had established a mature market network,our products are well sale both domestically and abroad such as .
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Adhesive temperature: that is, the temperature during the process of pressing the interlining of between interlining and the fabric, or called the adhesive temperature.
As a China Kitchen Mats Manufacturers and Kitchen Mats Wholesalers.
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reputation first", following the principle
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Shenyang Tengsheng Plastic Products Factory gathers hundreds of professional Tengsheng employees who come from all over the country and work hard.
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We have a variety of condenser, evaporator production mold, heat transfer from