Chimney Pro Cleaners
Alapaha, GA
The Chimney Pro Cleaners is a well known company located at 1600 jardin ct Alpharetta, GA 30022
Orlando, FL
Hot Galvanized High Wire Tomato Hooks without twine, also called bare hooks or M type tomato hooks, come in lengths of 275mm and diameters of 3mm.
M Type Tomato Hooks
Orlando, FL
Tomato Hooks known as vertical tomato hooks or tomato twine holders, which are made of hot-dip galvanized steel wires, hang from overhead support wire and connected to the plant.
PP Plastic Tomato Clip
Orlando, FL
Topper is the best PP plastic tomato clip manufacturer in China. Topper tomato clips made of PP plastic are also named tomato trellis clip or vine support clip.
Tomato Arch Cluster Support
Orlando, FL
Tomato Arch Cluster Support in PP Plastic is tomato cluster support has arch (half moon) shape.
Tomato Cluster J Hook Support
Orlando, FL
Tomato Cluster J Hook support are made of PP plastics in length 9.6cm, designed for preventing damage to the cluster stem when tomatoes grow to maturity.
Tomato Lever Loop Grippers
Orlando, FL
Tomato Lever Loop Grippers in Sizes of 20mm are ideal for holding tomato stems and stalks to stakes, trellis or wires.
Tomato Roller Hook Wire Frames
Orlando, FL
Labor-saving Tomato Roller Hook Wire Frames in lengths of 1300mm and delivered in 240 pcs per carton of 58x39x23cm and 8.4kg. Hot galvanized wire assembly frame designed to supports roller hook twine.
Tomato Roller Hooks
Orlando, FL
Hot Galvanized Tomato Roller Hooks with 18 meters PP raffia twine are sold in 240 pcs per carton in 58x39x23cm.
Orlando, FL
Tomato string clips in Diameter 24mm are made of PP plastic. Plastic tomato clips for garden plant supports, aka plant support clips, are sold in 4500 pcs per carton of 38.5x32x44cm & 4.29kg.