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California Green Farms
5600 NW 72nd AVE #669454, Miami, Florida 33166
Miami, FL 33166
United States


At California Green Farms CBD, we are not going to promise California Green Farms CBD miracles, we leave that to God, but we understand the struggles in life both physically and spiritually. The times when you have pain and discomfort, and you need comfort and hope. Our products have been carefully curated with cannabidiol (CBD) to provide fast, effective relief for a vast array of ailments, allowing you to improve your health physically resulting in a healing spiritually. California Green Farms CBD Products include formulas which may support pain relief, stress relief, restful sleep, and more.
Contact information: 5600 NW 72nd AVE #669454, Miami, Florida 33166, Phone (Customer Support Number) : 1-800-281-9032, Email: support@californiagreenfarms.com
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